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December 2014

Spinach and Egg White Wrap


This wrap is delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s ready in a flash, tastes amazing, and is filled with lean protein, veggies and whole sprouted grains. Try it today, but don’t be surprised if you get hooked! *Tortillas are optional when following the Paleo way of eating. Servings: 2 Here’s what you need: 1 teaspoon olive [...]

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Holiday Fat Loss Hacks!


It’s holiday fat gain season, a time when nearly everyone packs on a few pounds. Rather than joining the masses and loosening your belt another notch, use these 5 Holiday Fat Loss Hacks and avoid putting on a single pound. These hacks could even result in a few pounds lost before New Year’s… Holiday Fat [...]

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Weeknight Turkey Kebabs


Here's a great recipe for a busy weeknight dinner. Ground turkey breast is mixed Mediterranean spices to create flavorful, protein-packed kebabs. Serve with salad and vegetables and a side of plain Greek yogurt. Servings: 4 Here's what you need... 1 1/2 pounds turkey breast, de-boned, trimmed of skin and cut into thin strips 2 garlic [...]

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Festive Turkey Burgers


Can’t get enough of those holiday dinner flavors? Then you’ll love these Festive Turkey Burger patties! No need for a bun, just a dollop of cranberry sauce and it’s good to go – protein style. Wrap in a large lettuce leaf if you’d like. Servings: 6 Here’s what you need… 2 tablespoons coconut oil 1/2 [...]

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