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January 2020

The Real Reason You Skipped Your Workout


It’s normal to exercise less this time of year. Most will blame this on all of the holiday activities that they have to take care of. The parties, the shopping, the baking, the wrapping… While it’s true that there’s a lot to do, that’s not really why you aren’t working out. You’ve been just as [...]

The Real Reason You Skipped Your Workout2020-01-03T12:49:22+00:00

November 2016

Fitness Chicken Lettuce Boats


I love recipes like this, where the flavor and enjoyment outshine the health benefit. One bite of these Fitness Chicken Lettuce Boats and you’ll see what I mean – the crunch, the collision of flavors and the creamy enjoyment will push all thoughts of calories and fat grams out of your mind…but rest assure that [...]

Fitness Chicken Lettuce Boats2016-11-03T04:00:31+00:00

Increase Protein for Accelerated Fat Burn – “Have a Cow!”


Want even more fat loss? Studies continue to prove that diets with high in protein encourage more fat loss than diets high in carbohydrates. Each of your snacks and meals should be built around a centerpiece of high quality, lean protein.

Increase Protein for Accelerated Fat Burn – “Have a Cow!”2016-11-01T04:00:15+00:00

October 2016

The one-two punch for fast fat loss


How many times have you looked in the mirror and wished that you could make your belly fat vanish before your eyes? Unsightly fat around the stomach is one of the most common body frustrations that I come across with my clientele. No one wants a chubby stomach! Unfortunately for most, losing body fat is [...]

The one-two punch for fast fat loss2016-10-31T10:49:38+00:00

4 Body Changes From Eating Low Carb


It’s no secret that refined and processed carbs contribute to weight gain, and so reducing the amount of these in your diet would logically lead to a leaner, fitter you. Read more...

4 Body Changes From Eating Low Carb2016-10-24T04:00:20+00:00

Easy Green Bean, Egg and Quinoa Salad


Here’s a tasty way to eat your green beans – tossed with quinoa, sliced plum and topped with hard boiled egg. This type of salad, where the base is a steamed vegetable and protein is added on top, makes a phenomenally fit meal that will help get you to your fitness goals faster than ever. [...]

Easy Green Bean, Egg and Quinoa Salad2016-10-20T04:34:54+00:00

The ONLY Fitness Lesson You Need


Are you working towards a specific number on the scale? Or are you hoping to fit into a certain size dress or jeans? While having this goal is great, it will NOT ensure your success. Think about how many people you know who have had a specific number that they wanted to reach. You are [...]

The ONLY Fitness Lesson You Need2017-05-30T14:53:22+00:00

Reasons Why Sugar Ruins Your Health


Have you forgotten how terrible refined sugar is for your body? Despite being well-known as the most fattening ingredient, most of us still eat it everyday! Here’s reminder of why sugar ruins your health: Sugar contributes to obesity Sugar suppresses the immune system Sugar causes hyperactivity and anxiety Sugar consumption contributes to disease Sugar interferes [...]

Reasons Why Sugar Ruins Your Health2016-10-18T11:14:56+00:00

August 2016

Do your kids eat too much junk?


Every parent wants good things for their children: a positive outlook on life, a healthy respect for authority, a strong sense of self, a disease-free body…a healthy body weight. Despite our best intentions, a recent report suggests that for the first time in two centuries, the current generation of children may have a shorter life [...]

Do your kids eat too much junk?2016-08-22T04:25:58+00:00