You know I have been a personal trainer and now a CrossFit coach for some time. However, I have only been a business owner for a short time and one thing that often comes to my mind is…

“When is the right time?”

When is the right time to offer a promotion, buy ad space in a newspaper, or add a new service?

I hear the same questions echoed in our communities regarding exercise.

When IS the right time to start…?

Well, let’s ask ourselves, when do we start living?

When do we start taking responsibility for our health? When is the right time to get an education, start a career, or start a family?

In my life I have come by enough people to make an observation. No one lives life the same or approaches the journey like any other. I know people who are successful entrepreneurs, successful employees for large corporations, and homemakers. Everyone arrived to their present success through different means, ages and difficulties.

In the case of my father, who came to the United States when he was 19 years old from Colombia. He knew very little English. He got drafted into the Army for two years, and then after a few jobs started in the mail room of a company and retired from that same company 38 years later responsible for a data center. By the way, all while getting married and raising three children with my amazing Mother.

I have two beautiful sisters. One got married in her 20’s and runs a successful house hold with a husband who works his butt off and three amazing children. My younger sister, now in her 20’s, is finishing college to become a teacher. She is also an exceptional baker and a great cook!

My first career and course of study was as a graphic designer, and then a personal fitness coach. I have a beautiful wife and little baby, and I was blessed with both of them in my 30’s.

Why do we do what we do, when we do it? Only you can answer that. However, I have observed in most endeavors we come to a point where we care. When we care, we become passionate, and determined. At what point will we care about our personal health? What is the tipping point? When we can’t pick up our children or grandchildren? When our doctor gives us the results?

When is the right time to be sick?

Is it wise to neglect our body right now? Will we have more time in our 40’s, 50s’ or 60’s to have a debilitating disease. Wouldn’t you agree it will be more difficult to improve our health when the habits and live style isn’t already in place…or when they can’t be reversed?

Does a NASCAR driver neglect the repair of his car to win a race? Does a horse racer neglect the health of his horse and expect to win a trophy? Why do we fool ourselves into thinking we can run the race of life in a broken body? It’s irrational, really!

How early is too early to become healthy?

In all these observations I have concluded that everyone has to care enough about themselves to make a change.

If you aren’t happy with your body, performance, or your doctor is bugging you about the numbers, I can help you. I have been blessed with a passion for fitness and serving people. I care about your health, weight management and fitness goals!

There is only one resolution worth anything, care about ourselves enough to make lasting positive changes to our life while inspiring those around us to do the same.

See you under the bar.

– Anthony

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